We are proud to support any organization with their fundraising efforts by providing them with soy candles at a discounted price in order to raise funds. Many organizations conduct candle fundraising, so why not help your organization, your supporters and, now because of soy candles, the environment. You can be sure that you will get the best quality soy candles for your organization, at the best possible profit margin.


Fundraising Fun and Easy with our Program!
We provide every one of your selling members a sales order form featuring up to 12 fragrances which you get to choose and one director’s packet.  Candles are freshly hand poured in a 12 ounce Libby Status Jars with a flat glass lid. These candles have an average burning time of up to 70 hours.  The candles are made exactly the same as our all natural, clean burning, long lasting soy candles found on our web site.

Your members go to their family, friends, neighbors, and for the younger sales persons, their parents can sell to their co-workers and friends. Your organization will sell for the amount of time you select.

Highlights of our Fundraising Program

  1. You earn 45% of total sales (which is more than most of our Competitors)
  2. We offer private labeling at no extra charge (you provide your logo and/or artwork)
  3. All of our candles are made from Non-GMO 100% Soy Wax. (100% Soy Candles)
  4. Our soy candles are clean burning, long lasting, highly scented and hand poured.
  5. 12 popular fragrances for your customers to choose from.
  6. Candles are boxed by the seller so you have no sorting to do when you receive them.
  7. Locally Made in the USA (Fall River, Mass.)


You should have your customers pay you when ordering (If not you risk your customers making false promises). Checks are made payable to your organization. The Fund Raising Director collects all the order forms and all cash and checks. Since you still have all of the funds, the only thing left is to calculate how much of each item your members sold. This is easy to do when you use the TOTAL TALLY SHEET, which we provide in the director’s packet. Send your totals to us via email, mail, phone, or drop them off at our facility in Fall River, MA.

At the same time drop off or mail us a check only for your cost, you keep all the profits.   Therefore, we will sort, box up your order by name, and deliver the candles to you in 12-16 business days.  Finally, all you have to do is hand out the boxes to your sellers to deliver to their customers.