About Us

History of Harbor Candle Company

Harbor Candle Company started in much the same way as many other candle and non-candle related companies started.  We started in the basement of our home when we decided that the candles we were burning were just causing too much damage to the walls and ceilings in our home.

We started doing some research on natural waxes and decided to try our hand at making our own candles instead of buying candles from local stores.   After about a year of research, testing and experimenting with different recipes, we made what we felt was the perfect candle for us.  As it turned out, this final product was liked by many others as well. This was back in 2004.

At that time, my wife and I still worked normal everyday jobs and the candle making was just for our own pleasure, but family, friends and co-workers started asking us to make candles for them so in 2005, Harbor Candle Company was born.

After officially registering our company name in 2005, we decided we would try to sell our candles at local flea markets and weekend fairs and festivals.  As it turned out, this went over very well so we again decided to expand but still held on to our initial way of making the candles totally by hand using only the best ingredients we could find.

It didn’t take long for us to outgrow our basement and for me to make this company my full time job.  In 2007, we leased a small commercial building in The Padanaram Village area of South Dartmouth, Massachusetts where we started manufacturing candles for the local retail, wholesale and fundraising markets while still attending a few weekend fairs and festivals.

This was a great neighborhood and we were happy there but it was not in a very high traffic area so in 2010 we decided to move the company to North Dartmouth on a busy State Highway.

In August of 2011, Harbor Candle Company lost one of its founders, my wife, to illness.  As this is a family owned and family operated business, it was a devastating loss.  My wife was a big part of Harbor Candle Company and was loved by all of our customers.  She always tried to make our customer’s feel like family when they came into our store.  We had some customers that came in from time to time just to visit with her.  I continue to try to make all our customers feel like family as a tribute to her.  She is missed by all who knew her to this very day.

Due to the eventual sale of the North Dartmouth property, we had to make the move from Dartmouth to a small retail location in New Bedford, Massachusetts.  Soon after that move, we relocated our manufacturing to a larger facility in Fall River, Massachusetts while keeping our Retail Store in New Bedford.

Due to uncertain economic changes, rising cost of materials, and to keep from raising our prices, we had to cut expenses by closing our retail location in New Bedford, Massachusetts in September 2012 and operate solely from our manufacturing location in Fall River, Massachusetts, concentrating on Wholesale Manufacturing, Organizational Fundraising, and Retail Sales through this web site as well as our many Juried Craft Fairs throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Today, we are still selling our candles at the same prices as we were when we started in 2005 and we still continue to “Hand Pour” every candle as we did when we first started.  We pride ourselves in making a quality product at a very competitive price, using only quality USA manufactured materials such as NatureWax® 100% Soy Wax, supplied by G.A.C. Wholesale, a Massachusetts based distributor  and  every candle is poured in Libbey® glass containers also “Made in the USA” for a product that is totally “Made in the USA”.